Daughter Swap 4


You get to fuck his daughter . . . but he gets to fuck yours!
Girls Behaving Badly Molly and Jade have been very naughty. Their stepdads, pretending to be the girls boyfriends, trick them into blindfolding themselves and getting naked. Now the real fun begins!

The Olympic Interchange Maya and Blair bet on the Olympics with their stepdads. If the girls win they get new cars but if the dads win they get to fuck the girls! Lucky for the dads, they bet on the USA & win!

The Treat Trade The girls were supposed to be baking treats, but they got distracted and started dyking out. When their dads get home and there’s no treats, the girls know how to make it up to them!

Daughter’s Orientation Situation When these dads discover their daughters eating each other’s pussies, they decide to fuck the lesbian out of Tiffany and Jade. The daughter swap is on and so is the pussy pounding!

Date: December 17, 2018

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